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2010: main stage, Five Finger Death Punch having their set cut short due to the encouragement of mass crowd surfing and stage invading.

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Okay I know I said the pilot was bad - which it kinda was - but I’m now on episode 7 of Hemlock Grove and I quite dig it. I’m a long way off being ‘hooked’ and it certainly has its flaws but it’s entertaining, nonetheless.

Kate Mara - New York Magazine - February 2014

Kate Mara - New York Magazine - February 2014

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When your friend talks during a film…

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2008: Watching Testament headline the third stage while standing next to Brock Lindow from 36 Crazyfists


Hey, we’re recording our debut LP with Beau Burchell right now in California which will be released worldwide through No Sleep Records later this year.
Yesterday we recorded an acoustic session and did an interview at the No Sleep warehouse, look out for all that coming soon!

MB <3

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2007: Slayer , main stage. When half the band started playing War Ensemble and the other half started playing Angel of Death

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